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Custom solutions for broadcast companies

Are you just about to setup a new playout or studio control room and are you facing difficulties that you cannot connect different manufacturers' products together because of different protocols or because of different workflows? Do you may need a special control panel which is not existing on the market? Do not want to invest into expensive, special studio control systems with plenty of features which you will never use?

We can offer you simple solutions for any control issues in the broadcast world. We have implemented all major manufacturers' protocols and we can put together the system that you exactly need, not more, not less. This way you can cut your costs and you still have the option to extend your system any time. You can have special feature requirements, special layouts of unique control panels.

We have more than 10 years of experience in building tally systems, router control panels (e.g.: Snell, Nevion, NVision, Evertz), change over controllers, alarm systems, switcher extension panels (e.g.: AUX), GPIO controllers and some special applications for game shows: voting systems, LED controllers, dimmer controllers etc.

We are designing our products with the mindset that they need to be as universal as possible, scalable and reusable for next projects - this decreases the development costs and time for you. Please check our references to see the variety of your possibilities with us.

Energie management & building automation

Environmental protection and energy saving is getting more and more important in all areas of life. To be able to save energy it is necessary first to measure the consumption, evaluate and understand the results in the right way and then make actions to reduce the costs and remain sustainable. This is required also by ISO50001.

Beside the consumption it is also very important to be reliable. You have to be sure for example that you are not overloading your UPS or the climate system is working properly in your server rooms.

Our system is offering a simple to use and robust solution for all these aspects. You can check your actual consumption or you can get a report of the last 3-5 summer seasons to see the effect of using air-conditioning. You can be informed if the temperature in your server area is started to increase, even if it has not yet reached the limit you can react in time so you may can prevent a break down. Due to using our own developed system we are happy to implement any of your custom feature requests.

We can install our measuring equipment without interrupting your daily work and without switching off electricity which is essential e.g. in a broadcast system. If you would like to learn more how to save energy and how to be more reliable please contact us and we together work out the best solution for you.